New Content for Memory Boxes

A Memory Box is a time capsule that connects people with the past through items it contains; they are a great way to help recall events and people from the past.  All our boxes are based around different themes and have a wide selection of objects, music, smells and photographs to help evoke memories of the past.

Reasons to have a Memory Box:

  • Stimulates The Senses — exercises the sense of touch and other senses that will be relied on as Alzheimer's progresses.
  • Can Inspire Conversation — reminiscing about the objects in the box and retelling the stories can be really meaningful.
  • Awakens A Sense of Self — the ability to recall important memories from the past can help us to feel encouraged and proud, being able to hold onto them is vital for a healthy sense of our own identities.
  • Creates An Attractive Point of Interest — an item that was meant to stir a certain memory can bring on another or, it could inspire a waterfall of thoughts, new memories and conversation.

Memory Boxes are a great way to help recall events and people from the past, stimulating and prompting memories that can bring back to a moment in time that is held dear and can stir thoughts of happy moments in life. Recalling pleasant memories of people, places and events from the past can help reconnect with the outside world, improve emotional state and provide a sense of purpose and belonging.

What's involved?

A good rummage in the attic/loft or garage for memorabilia from your past that reflects Luton and your memories.  Ask parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles who may some hidden treasures that they are will to part with. and that we can include them in our collection and enable others to share in those memories.

There are over 100 different languages and dialects spoken in Luton so we are particulary looking for ethnic/cultural content to enhance our collection and reflect the diversity and cultures in the town.

Why get involved?

For those living with dementia, the pleasantness of life’s special memories are eventually lost.  While dementia takes away a person’s short-term memory, their long-term memory can remain intact much longer.  A Memory Box can helps to stimulate those long-term memories and promote cognitive functioning and recalling of happy memories that can elicit positive responses.

How to get involved?

There are no rules about what should be kept in a Memory Box so we challenge you to find new and interesting content to help refresh our current and new Boxes. We asking you to have a rumage in your attics and garages to see if you have any items that fit our themes and you would like to pass on to us so that we can include them in our collection, enabling others to share in thoses memories.

We have a number of themes: World War II | Entertainment & Celebration | Hats & Hat Making | NHS & Luton & Dunstable Hospital | Luton Industries | Schooldays | The Home: Grooming; Cooking & Cleaning | Holidays | Christmas | Sport & Luton Town FC | 1940s; 1950s; 10960s; 1970s & 1980s | Leisure | Childhood, Games & Toys | Royals & Celebrities.

Items should be label 'For Memory Boxes' and can be dropped off to:

Leagrave Library, Marsh Road


Luton Central Library, St. George's Square

Ideal Interests

  • Local Community
  • Luton
  • Local History
  • History
  • Creative
  • Archiving