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LibraryMakers Scheme Closure

Active Luton have taken over the management of Luton’s Library Services (as of 1 April 2020) and will continue the work of delivering this treasured resource to Luton’s communities. 

Sadly, this change means that the Culture Trust’s ground-breaking LibraryMakers’ scheme has come to end, but we, Active Luton and Luton Libraries are very keen to not let that be the end of the opportunities for our amazing volunteers. 

We have numerous volunteering opportunities with The Culture Trust, so why not spread your wings and try something new by joining our enthusiastic team of Museum Makers.

If you’d prefer to volunteer with Luton Libraries, please contact Active Luton

We are very grateful for the work our brilliant LibraryMaker volunteers have done to add great value to Luton’s library service. 


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